Armin Meiwes and Bernd Jürgen Brandes

In the chat, Armin Meiwes met Bernd Jürgen Brandes, an engineer from Berlin. Brandes had a troubled life. His mother committed suicide when he was a child after suffering deep depression. His father would read him terrifying fairy tales; Brandes remembered especially the fascination that he exercised the story of Hansel and Gretel, fattened by a witch to be devoured.

Brandes declared himself bisexual, and violence and torture were part of his everyday sexual rituals: He frequented prostitutes in bars, to which requesting them to bite his penis and ripped it, which none would do.

Brandes had a steady partner, whom he left all his belongings with before going after Meiwes to be killed and eaten. He believed that was the role he should play in the world. He felt guilt over the suicide of his mother.

Brandes met Meiwes on March 10, 2001 for a weekend where both tested their cannibalistic instincts. It is said that when they met on the platform, Brandes extended his hand and said: “I am your flesh”, to which Meiwes said, “I’m Armin”.

This is Armin’s diary that recounts his search to find the candidate to be devoured:

Dear Diary.

Today is a wonderful day! I’m down to the street, to the coffee shop to buy cigarettes, and have installed the Internet on the computer. I signed up for an account on hotmail…

Dear Diary.

Today is even better than yesterday. I discovered a thing called a search engine, used to find information on the World Wide Web, and found some message boards run by local people like me who are interested in the Atkins diet. Some of the messages say: “it’s easier than you think,” I might try next week but first I have to find some recipes for the burger..

Dear Diary.

Today I found some recipes with little or no change in my diet, I wish some game so might have to find an alternative because i have no consent to have to kill animals…

Dear Diary.

Found in the message inbox, I left a message that announcement. I have the hope that someone answers because I need to start my diet!

Dear Diary.

I got five answers today! ! The people are not reading the post properly! 

Dear Diary.

Finally I found a reply that fits perfectly to my request in the ad. But not sure how to prepare my new friend Brandes.

Dear Diary.

Things went well with Brandes the other day. We had a nice chat, before I had to go. The diet is going well, I’ve lost ten pounds so far and in a week too! and now, Al mercadol, even barbecue sauce!.

Now if we continue:

After the farewell at the station, Brandes called Meiwes to pick him up. He wanted to try again. Meiwes recorded everything with a video camera. After several hours of conversation and swallowing twenty sleeping pills, two bottles of cough syrup and half a bottle of whiskey, Brandes wanted Meiwes to amputate the penis. Meiwes bit him and tried to start it with the mouth, Brandes cried with pain but this method ultimately failed, the penis was only torn. “Cut it once,” said Brandes. So Meiwes took the knife and finished its work. 

Brandes finally able to fulfill a dream: to eat his own genitals. Meiwes broke the penis into two pieces and put both parts in the pan, sprucing it with pepper, salt and garlic. Meiwes was happy while cooking and talking to Brandes, although he was heavily drugged and drunk, he talked about how good the stew made ​​with his penis smelled.

When they went to eat, they noticed that the size was reduced due to cooking. Brandes bit it and tried to chew, but ultimately left it on the plate and Meiwes reproached: “It’s very hard. I can not eat. You said everything would be perfect.

After dinner, Brandes went to the bathtub. He stayed there for ten hours, after which he lost consciousness. When he awoke, the two agreed that Brandes was dying. Meiwes finished him off by stabbing him in the neck. “He moved his head from side to side. You can see an oral motion, “said a coroner present at the screening of the video at trial.

Meiwes later stated that he did not understand the feeling of happiness that Brandes was experiencing.

Meiwes gutted, dismembered and buried the body in the garden. He kept some pieces, which he froze and ate in the coming days. Meiwes finally had his wish of eating human flesh. According to police statements, Brandes’s meat tasted a lot like pork. “He also gave him pleasure, had dreamed of being eaten”, he declared to the police. Twenty kilos devoured human flesh, always accompanied by Chilean red wine.

Meiwes had satisfied his fantasy, but this was not enough. The following months were spent looking for new victims. I needed fresh young meat. “I’m running out the meat,” he said in a forum. This attitude was what led police to unmask him.

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