Daniel Mauricio Zamudio Vera (August 3, 1987 - March 27, 2012) was a young Chilean who become a symbol of violence against homosexuals after being attacked and tortured in Parque San Borja, Santiago by a group of young people who beat him to death for several hours. Daniel died in hospital, 25 days after the incident.

Attack and Death

Daniel attended nightclubs usually oriented for the LGBT community and mentioned more than once that he had been harrassed when leaving them. On one occasion, after leaving a club called “Blondie”, Daniel was threatened by a neo-Nazi.

On Friday, March 2, Daniel went to work at 7:30, as usual, and in the afternoon told his family he would be bringing a friend home, which ultimately never happened. On Sunday, his family reported him missing, and were able to identify him as a young man who had been admitted to the hospital. Daniel had been found without any identification and was unconscious. He was found by a policeman in San Borja Park, located adjacent to the Alameda, the main avenue of Santiago of Chile .

Daniel was taken to the nearby Central Hospital during the early hours of Saturday and as a result of his injuries, was put in a coma by the medical team. was found with serious injuries to his skull and his body: part of his ear had been cut, his legs were broken and he had cuts on his stomach that resembled a swastika . Several cigarette burns made ​​with were found in various parts of his body.

Due to the nature of the wounds, the possibility of a crime generated by a homophobic neo-Nazi gang was suspected from the beginning, although further research would be to determine the causes of the attack.

Daniel was admitted to the Central Hospital for several days, until he began a slow recovery, after which he was taken out of an induced coma. However, his condition worsened, and on the 19th day he was in an induced coma after suffering a cardiac arrest . The medical team determined that it was due to his life-threatening wounds and confirmed severe neurological damage. On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, Daniel died, at 19:45.


  • Axel Alejandro Angulo Tapia (26), charged with petty theft and attacks Peruvians, was impersonator of Michael Jackson and had a store in the mall Eurocentro in Ahumada walk.
  • Ivan Patricio Ahumada Garay (25), known as Duck Core, had come out of a prison sentence for armed robbery. He records Peruvian xenophobic attacks.
  • Raul Alfonso López Fuentes (25), known as The Gackt II, neo-Nazi records and theft in supermarkets and service stations. He tried to be a soldier, but was refused.
  • Fabian Alexis Mora Mora (19), the only one involved no history. However, on January 4, Mora wrote in his Facebook profile having “burst the skull and clavicle” a homeless in their neighborhood. Angulo met the Eurocentro visits.

While the neo-Nazi group is not stated, both Ahumada and Lopez did present similar tendencies and expressed admiration of that ideology.