Luke Woodham also insisted that his friend, Grant Boyette, encouraged him to murder his mother and Menefee during more than five hours of telephone conversations on the day before the murders.

Boyette, 19, and several other alleged members of a cult-like group known as “the Kroth” have been charged with conspiracy in the school shootings.

Woodham testified that Boyette pushed him on with insults, calling him “gutless … [and saying that] he had never done nothing.”

"The reason all this happened is that I was heartbroken," Woodham said. "I could have gotten over it, but Grant wouldn’t let me … he told me I had to kill my mama … I had to get my revenge on Christina."

"I shot Christina," Woodham said. "I never really knew why the others got shot. It just happened."

But under cross-examination, Woodham admitted that his desire for revenge against his ex-girlfriend outweighed Boyette’s influence. When asked to explain why he did Boyette’s bidding, he replied: “acceptance.”

Prosecutor John Kitchens suggested that most of Woodham’s problems — the breakup with his girlfriend, his lack of friends and his problems with his parents — were common to most teen-age boys.